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When you think about choosing a hosting service you immediately look at the cost first and the features second. In fact you want to reverse this. By looking at the features of each hosting service you can decide if the price merits this amount or not?

Unfortunately hosting services come with a multitude of options and features. Sometimes trying to decipher these can be frustrating. To narrow down your choices you want to compare various hosting services. This way you can clearly see what options you are getting with each. We made it simple for you to compare and choose the perfect package for you.

Hosting services are available for free or as a paid service. Now free is often good and there is nothing wrong with this option.

Free hosting would be suitable for testing out a site or service first. Or if you want to just put up a family page you could choose free hosting. Just remember with anything free it could disappear on you though.

A good paid hosting service can run you anywhere from a few bucks up to hundreds of dollars. With such a difference in the price range you want to look at the features each hosting service is offering. We beleivee that our packages are very good value for money.

This is where it helps to try and plan out your website beforehand. You can then calculate just how much bandwidth and storage capacity you need. If you are running a business then having your pages load quickly is important. So is having the capability to allow people to download gifts or products from your site. You don’t want to run into issues because you suddenly get too many visitors to your site!

Customer service is another crucial element. If something goes wrong you want to know that your hosting service will fix it quickly. Having access to a ticket support system or online customer service support should be among your top priorities.

Make sure you fully understand the type of hosting service you are buying. Can you install multiple domains or only one? Plus with us you have the ability to upgrade your account easily.

By taking the time to think and plan your website you can choose your hosting service accordingly. You definitely don’t want to have to move services!

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